Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

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How Do You Go About Your Roof Insurance Claim

When it comes to filling a roof damage claim, the process can be long and very confusing. For instance, if you are facing roof storm damage, to get repairs quickly moving you must promptly file an insurance claim. Here is how you can formulate a roof storm damage claim for your El Reno, OK property, making sure to cover all the areas to get the process of having your roof back immediately. For more tips on how to deal with anything involving your roof, call Watchdog Roofing at 405-806-7663.

Research and Document

After a storm, there is a need to be proactive; perform your research to know the degree of damage to your roof. To make sure it well done, call a professional roofer to inspect the degree of damage and document their research. Some of the things they will check for are cracks on the shingle or missing granules. Also, check your insurance claim to find out what it covers. For professional roofers in El Reno, OK, call 405-806-7663to get your roof inspected by the best in the business.

Call 405-806-7663 for Watchdog Roofing

The next step is calling your roofing contractor. Immediately after a storm, call us, get ahead of the issue by having a professional inspection and provide you with a budget estimate. We will also advise you on how best you can go about repairing your roof. At Watchdog Roofing, we have an on-call team, ready to reach you immediately you dial our number. We will have a roof inspection to give you an overview of how you should go about the repair. All before letting you know how much you are going to spend. Also, if you trust us, we can do the renovations.

File a Roof Insurance Claim

Report the incident to your insurance provider. They will then employ the services of a claim adjuster to come to your house to see the degree of damage. After, they will also give you an estimate of the amount your insurance provider will offer for the repairs. It is also essential to have a roofing contractor present during the evaluation; he will ensure the claim adjuster is fair.

To learn more about a roof storm damage claim in El Reno, OK, give our team a call at 405-806-7663!