Roofing Storm Damage Repair in El Reno, OK

A tree that has fallen on a roof.

Reassurance after a Storm

Recognizing what to do after a storm is crucial to the life span of your roof; strong winds, hurricanes, and heavy rains can cause severe damages to your roof. Storms can immediately render your roof unusable, for example, when heavy winds pluck your roof off. It could also cause deterioration over time. At Watchdog Roofing, we have a team of professionals ready to assist you in case you need a roof storm damage repair. We have an on-call team ready to move at your call. To get assistance with your roof storm damage repair in El Reno, OK, whether it is an emergency or not, call Watchdog Roofing at _PHONE_ to receive our prompt roofing services.

Types of Storms Dangerous to your Roof

After a storm passes, it is prudent to check what damages your roof might have faced during that time. If you are not sure of what to make of what you see, it’s probably best you hire a professional to do a roof inspection and give you a comprehensive of your roof condition. The following are some of the storms that might have you needing a roof storm damage repair in El Reno, OK:

  • Wind Storms: Apart from possibly plucking your roof materials off, strong winds can weaken the shingles, and lead to debris falling and damaging your roof. The harm is not always visible, but over time it can cause notable damages to your roof.
  • Hail Storm:  Being one of the leading causes of roof damage during the fall and spring seasons, hails storms are a threat to the performance of your roof. The impact of hails creates holes on your roof, which could mean an immediate problem if they are severe enough, and it might leave you needing a hail damage roof repair. However, they can also go undetected, causing severe damage to your roof over time. 
  • Heavy Rains: All roofing problems start from heavy rainfalls. It can weaken your roof structure, or the water will penetrate, causing leaks on your roof. It is also the reason behinds molds and rot.
  • Hurricane: Although rare in El Reno, OK, hurricanes can cause damages to your roof. It rips the shingles off and weakens the structure of your roof, eventually leading to leaks.
  • Tornado:  The last tornado in El Reno, OK, occurred in 2013, and it caused severe roof damages to the properties in this area. The robust winds that turn into a vacuum can suck off your roofing material together with the sheathing under it.

What Storm Damage Looks Like

To make sure you stay on top of things after a storm, act decisively. To find out, the damages your roof has incurred, from a storm, there are signs you can spot on your own before hiring a professional roofer to tell you the extent of the damage. Here are the signs that you might need a roof storm damage repair.

  • If shingles are missing after a storm, it is a sign that the storm could have caused severe damage to your roof
  • When the flashing along the edges, chimney, and vents are missing, they could have been washed away during the storm.
  • Leaking roof caused by water damage.
  • The loose sealant is also another sign of water damage.

Potential Consequences on Your Roof

For roof storm damage repair including inspection get a hold of Watchdog Roofing at _PHONE_. It is essential to have a roof inspection after a storm, this way, you will know the extent of damage and plan for a roof storm damage repair. What are the consequences of a storm to your roof? Here is what happens if you ignore the warning signs of your roof needing attention:

  • It will reduce the life span of your roof. If you do not have a roof storm damage repair in time, you will soon have to replace your whole roof.
  • It also reduces the curb appeal of your roof, and in turn, reducing the value of your property. A deteriorating roof does not look good either to onlookers or an individual trying to buy a house.
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