Residential Roofing Installation

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Best Residential Roof Installation

For your best roof installation services in El Reno, OK, look no further than Watchdog Roofing. We understand the significance of having your residential roof installation done correctly, following your desired design. We incorporate the latest roofing technologies during the whole project to make sure we keep you up to date with the latest roofing practices. We recognize that your roof plays a vital role in your home’s general look, and we aim to provide you with an impressive view. To schedule an appointment for your residential roof installation, call Watchdog Roofing today at 405-806-7663 and prepare to be blown away.

When do you need a Roof Installation

Mostly, people only go for a new roof installation when they realize their roof is leaking. However, waiting that long could mean you will have to spend more when you finally resort to residential roof installation. Probably because by the time your roof is leaking, it means it has already suffered structural damages hence any repairs, will also have to include; structural renovations. Here are some of the clues that would mean you need roof installation services:

  • The Age of your roof. If you do the installation of your roof right using the latest roofing techniques and material, it should last for about 20 to 30 years. If your roof has already past its sell-by date, it might be the right time to think about hiring Watchdog Roofing for new roof installation services.
  • Natural Disasters. Storms, floods, and earthquakes are activities that are above our control. Hence in the face of a disaster that damages your roof, to ensure you get your life back to normal, hire a roof installation company.
  • Sagging shingles. Try and have a look at the outward look of your roof, can you spot sagging shingles or irregularities in their arrangement, if so, it might be time you think about getting roof installation services.
  • A gutter full of asphalt granules means your roof has already started breaking down, and you need to make a change.
  • Cracked shingles. As your roof material age, they weaken and deteriorate in shape and arrangement. Such is also a sign that you need a residential roof installation.
  • Daylight streaming through the roof. It means the materials on the roof can no longer perform hence the need to install a new roof.

If, by any chance, you notice the above signs on your roof, call Watchdog Roofing at 405-806-7663 for the best roof installation services inEl Reno, OK. Feel free to ring us at any time. You can then schedule a session with our professional roof inspectors to show you the extent of the damage. Using the information they give you, you can decide whether you need a roof installation.

Procedure of Residential Roof Installation

How is a roof installation done? What procedures should you expect from our team of experts? To make sure you are ready and know what to expect from your residential roof installation, here is an overview of the procedure of our roof installation services.

  • Removal of the old roof.
  • They will then evaluate the sheathing to see if it is still able to provide structural support.
  • To protect your roof from ice and water, we install an ice or water barrier around your roof’s material.
  • Install the drip age to prevent water from running over the edge.
  • Lastly, we properly install the roof, solving all your roof problems at once.

Hiring a Reliable Roofer

Being one of the single most influential investment you as a homeowner will make, it only right you get the right person for the job. If done well, you should not have to worry about making changes on your roof for the next 20 to 30 years. Ask for a license and reference from past clients in the areas served before you decide to hire a company for their roof installation services. While there are many honest and well-informed roofers, there also crooked and unskilled roofers. You have to do a background check before settling on a roofing company. With that said, for the best residential roof installation services in El Reno, OK, call Watchdog Roofing today at 405-806-7663 and prepare to be dazed.