Professional Roof Inspections

A roofing contractor inspecting a roof.

Detailed Roof Inspection for Your Home

The best way to know if your roof needs a repair or replacement is by having a professional roofer over to your place for a roof inspection. Knowing the condition of your roof is necessary when you want to make any decision regarding your roof. You can prevent most of the problems you face with your roof through timely inspection and maintenance. At Watchdog Roofing, we provide you with a detailed explanation of your roof’s condition, together with what action we think you should take. Some of the parts of your roof that we inspect include shingles, ventilation, gutters, downspouts, flashing, skylight, and chimney. To stay on top of things with matters regarding your roof, it is right you hire a professional for a roof inspection. For recommendations on what actions you should take regarding your roof inspection in El Reno, OK, call Watchdog Roofing today at 405-806-7663.

When do You Need Roof Inspection

The most common sign to a roof that needs inspection is a leak. However, the other notable hints could be dark stripes or stains on your roof’s ceiling. If you see such a sign, get a professional roofer to inspect your roof. Your roof will also need an inspection when you want to file a roof insurance claim.

At times there could be no visible signs that your roof needs an inspection. In such cases, it only proper to continue with your daily activities. However, it could also mean there are damages you can spot on your own. To remedy this, have your roof inspected at least once a year.

How frequently should Roof Inspection be done

Most homeowners do not acknowledge the importance of their roof until they can no longer perform, then they realize how essential it is when they need an emergency roof repair. How often should you have a roofer inspect your roof? Have a roofer over for inspection at least twice a year. Preferably during fall or spring, when the weather is mild. This way, you will stay on top of everything regarding your roof.

What Roofers are Looking for in an Inspection

Depending on your roof’s material, inspectors look for certain clues that tell whether a roof is in good condition or not. For a roof made of shingles, a roofer looks for the following indications:

  • Any signs of water damage
  • If your roof has mold on it
  • If your gutter is clogged
  • Broken roof shingle

It is a little different for a roof made of metal. To identify problems on a metal roof, roofers look at the following areas:

  • If your seams are loose in any way
  • Broken roof flashing’s
  • Any rust signs on the roof

Exterior and Interior Roof Inspection

Interior roof inspection involves a professional roofer checking whether your attic is correctly insulated. They check the ventilation, moisture level, and if there are any molds. An exterior inspection involves a roofer climbing up on your roof to check for leaks and whether or not the flashings are loose. They also check the condition of the chimney and shingles. After having exterior and interior roof inspection done, the professional roofer should provide you with a comprehensive guide on what action you need to take on your roof. For roof inspection services in El Reno, OK, call 405-806-7663 today and schedule a meeting with Watchdog Roofing professionals.